After countless number of rainy days in August that already made the ground wet and susceptible to diseases, our farm was hit by one of the most devastating hurricane which swept away and destroyed more than half of our crops.

The melon field that was exceptionally beautiful this year is now left with rotting melons after the leaves completely disintegrated.

“Why don’t you have any squash today?” people ask these days. Sadly, this is where our summer squash plants are; still immersed in the puddle of water.

We’ve planted 30 different exotic variety of winter squashes for the fall, just about ready to be picked. Again, as well as all the other low growing plants, almost every vine is rotted, leaving very few to harvest.

All the Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cabbage were either pulled out of the plastic mulched soil by the wind or rotting from the roots/stems, rapidly killing the entire plants. (My mother is very upset that she can not make kimchi for the winter.)

Tomatoes also lost all the leaves due to fungal diseases that spread from the wet condition.

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