DSCF1393This Winter has been the coldest one with an unusual amount of snow accumulating almost every other day. Our precious Winter break was spent shoveling snow off the driveways and around the farm, but rewarded by a cup of good hot chocolate waiting on the wood burning stove. Nevertheless, we were able to capture many beautiful moments that the snow had brought us. Here are some of the photographs . . .

DSCF9647DSCF1363DSCF1373DSCF1404DSCF1440Despite the enormous amount of snow piled up and covering the entire sides of our hoophouses, the inside story is quite a contrast. Look at these gorgeous greens waiting to be harvested and enjoyed. With the sun shining outside, the temperature soars up to the 80’s and warms up the entire space during the day so that our delicate plants can survive another cold night to come.



DSCF1456When these little seedlings grow big enough to be transplanted to the field, we know then Spring has finally come to the farm!