This year, we acquired a beautiful new farm in New Jersey. The farm is dotted with rustic stone and wood barns; and blessed with green pastures, fields for vegetables, and pine woods.

How peaceful it is to watch the horses leisurely grazing on the pasture.

My daughter Lani taking a riding lesson on a Sunday afternoon.

In the middle of constructing the first greenhouse in February. Only eight more to go. Oh what a nightmare it was to cover the frame with plastic on a windy day! It took seven people on their hands and knees.

Tuscan kales, as well as other greens, are growing in the new fields and look luscious.

Fava beans are already in bloom! We’re hoping to get an abundance of delicious beans in late May.

Strawberries came in almost a month earlier this year due to the unusually warm winter. Bees are happy with plenty of flowers to feast on, and we’re thrilled to eat the fruits.

Our absolutely sweet 240 Rhode Island Reds just started laying eggs. We’re trying to teach them the word “sit”, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Still it’s delightful to be with them.

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