Melons are one of the best crops we don’t want to miss in the Summer! They come in all colors, textures, and sweetness, such as beautiful and rare yellow skin watermelons, caramel-sweet froggy melons that one can not resist to ask for more once tasted, and crisp orange honeydew with a hint of smokiness. Oh, let’s not forget the Chameh Korean melon with small edible seeds. It’s subtle flavor and crunchy texture is great for a salad dish mixed with some sweet and hot peppers and a squeeze of lemon. We have planted 13 different fresh pick variety of melons this year, found a few that wasn’t so favorable, but most of them were irresistibly juicy and delicious.

Melon field showing second crop of cantaloupes

If I had to pick only one crop to grow, it would definitely be BEANS. There are so many variety of beans available to plant, and it’s sad that we can only handle a dozen of them throughout the season. Bush beans, pole beans, pod beans, shell beans….I just love BEANS.

Cultivating is one of the most tedious tasks on the farm, but even struggling with weeds can be a happy moment for me as long as it is a bean field.

Summer is not a Summer without heirloom tomatoes, and a salad is not complete without a display of big, juicy, colorful slice of an heirloom tomato sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt.

Our second crop of tomatoes are already on their way. The first crop didn’t do as well as we hoped due to the lack of experience with our new farm’s soil type and early onset of blights. Hopefully, we will gain more knowledge from the mistakes and progress further for the new season to come.